Over 30 years of industry experience.

Here at GTS, we are a proud East Anglian company providing efficient, modern, and clean heating and cooling solutions to a wide array of environments. Specialising in Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps and Refrigeration, our success, achievements, and subsequent reputation relies heavily on having highly experienced and trained engineers and staff, along with an excellent relationship with our highly valued customers.

As a people driven company, our passion is building long-term working relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers. Being a locally run company, we take pride in being able to offer a professional service with a personal approach at every stage of the process.

Air Conditioning

As experts in the air conditioning sector, we are able to keep buildings and homes at comfortable temperatures all year round. Our in-house expertise means we can offer a professional and trusted service right from the initial design stage, all the way through the installation and into future servicing and maintenance.
GTS provides efficient air conditioning solutions for all sectors. From exclusive new build offices, right the way through to a listed property, and everything in-between. Living and working in a clean, comfortable climate has many benefits including improved health, hygiene and productivity. Our selection of modern and efficient air conditioning solutions will not only help you achieve this but will also result in reduced running costs when compared against traditional systems.

Heat Pumps

As we enter the next chapter in finding new ways efficiently to heat our homes and buildings, air source heat pumps are the front runner as the alternative to conventional gas and oil heating. GTS are a full solutions provider, having the in-house services to fully design, install, and commission both brand new or retro fit air source heat pump heating and hot water systems.
Put simply a heat pump takes the available heat from the ground or air surrounding a property and increases it to a more useful temperature for use in the home. This renewable source of heat can be used to create warm air or water (for space and central heating) as well as hot water (for both central heating and domestic hot water supply).
It achieves this by taking the same principle that allows your home fridge to chill your goods, just in reverse.


Refrigeration is vital in our everyday lives and here at GTS we understand the importance of providing well designed and efficient systems. From temperature controlled cold stores, supermarket display refrigeration, cellar cooling systems, and integral cabinets, we can cover every need and requirement.
We offer refrigeration solutions to many environments. Retail, warehouses, laboratories, food preparation and mortuaries to name a few. Alongside bespoke refrigeration systems, we can offer a full array of industry leading alarm, energy monitoring, and leak detection systems, providing even further system resilience and capability.

Sectors covered by GTS


Effective office air conditioning provides a comfortable working environment and is proven to increase staff productivity.

Clinics & Hospitals

We offer specialist air conditioning systems for healthcare, including doctors surgeries, health centres, clinics, hospitals, dentists and care homes.

Gyms & Fitness

We have experience in the installation of effective air conditioning systems for gyms, fitness centres, and yoga studios. Our systems will not only provide the required cooling capacity but will also ensure noise levels do not exceed the required value for the environment.


Maintaining a comfortable temperature is essential in a place of worship. We work with churches and community halls to achieve this.

Schools & Colleges

Educational establishments like schools colleges and universities have very specific air conditioning requirements, for which we have a great deal of experience.

Supermarkets & Shops

If you're in retail, whether a shop, supermarket or shopping centre, we can install efficient and unobtrusive air conditioning and refrigeration systems to enhance the experience of your customers, and subsequently increase the stores revenue.

Domestic Homes

All of our domestic installations are carefully considered to ensure the proposal is cost effective, efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and quiet.

Data Centres

Whether you need to cool a single server a server room or an entire data centre, we have the required experience to design effective computer room close control air conditioning systems.


The comfort of customers and guests is paramount in the hospitality sector. We work with pubs, cafés, restaurants and hotels, providing a full array of both air conditioning and refrigeration systems to meet the client's needs.


We are well-placed to assist with the unique temperature control & ventilation demands of industrial environments like factories and workshops.
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Who are we?


Reece Sleightholme

I'm now within my 10th year in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Having started as a trainee, I spent my first two years working alongside engineers to learn the craft, backed up with two-week block releases at Ellis Training Centre to carry out my NVQ L2 Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. I progressed up to a Service Engineer and went out 'on the road' carrying out routine maintenance, fault finding, and breakdown visits. After three years, I began spending time in the office to learn and understand different elements of refrigeration and air conditioning design, before making a full time move into a technical sales role which covered design, project management, estimating and various other elements.

I'm now a Director with GTS, alongside the Group's Management & Directors. I oversee all aspects of GTS's operations and take great pride in ensuring our standards as a respected Air Conditioning and Refrigeration contractor are of the highest order!

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